How Homeschooling could save you money

Since one of the many reasons that parents choose to homeschool their children these days is due to financial issues, they definitely don’t need to trade one financial problem for another. So one of the first things that these parents are going to want to do is find the lowest cost homeschool resources around to remove some of the financial burdens from them even more.

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is that you can save tons of money when it comes to teaching materials and school supplies. Teaching at home doesn’t require ordinary textbooks that you have to pay fees on. You can also decide what sort of supplies that your children will need to complete their work in homeschooling.

Following is a list of some of the best resources for free and low-cost homeschooling materials:

• The Public Library: This is the best resource you’ll find anywhere when you’re homeschooling your children. There’s something at the library for everyone no matter what the age. You’ll find books that teach things, books to read for fun, music CDs and DVDs. Choose the most effective method of teaching for you and simply sign it out on your library card.


All of this stuff is free to check out and use for your homeschooling curriculum. If you do your planning the right way, you’ll be able to time things so that you’re finished with any materials that you’ve borrowed from the library by the time they’re due back. On top of that, you can probably borrow them a second time in a row if you need to wrap up any loose ends. This is the perfect place to start when you need free homeschool materials.

• Online Websites: The Internet is quite possibly the best information resource that you’ll find when you’re looking for free teaching material for homeschooling. There are many websites that specialize in helping out parents that are homeschooling their children

One such website is You can obtain some free materials from this site, but for a very affordable yearly membership fee, you get unlimited access to everything that they have to offer. They offer materials for all age groups that you can simply print right from your computer. With this website, you may not need any other materials for the lower grades.


It’s at sites like these that you’ll find tons of material that you can print out right from your home printer and use as worksheets for your children. There are also many projects and learning aids for each age group that you’ll be able to print out and use as teaching materials. The only cost involved in this is the printing paper you’ll need.

• On Hand Materials: These include things like magazines, newspapers, and things you already have on hand for other reasons. You can find many articles, pictures, and various other things that are in these places. Simply put them to use by incorporating them into your teaching curriculum.

• Thrift Stores: If you’re lucky enough to be located close to a thrift store, you’ll find so many things there that you can use in homeschooling that will amaze you. These shops carry a little bit of EVERYTHING. Granted, not all of it will be in excellent shape, but even the things that are incomplete sets of things or aren’t in perfect condition can still be used in different areas of your homeschool teaching. The prices on things at thrift shops are very affordable, so keep that in mind.

• Yard and Garage Sales: These are other events that carry things you can use in your homeschooling venture. When you find something in the yard and garage sales that you can use, the prices are not only even cheaper than thrift shop prices but are also negotiable. That’s because the people running these sales want to sell the items rather than being stubborn and having to repack them into the basement or the attic. So if you find something that you want to buy but don’t want to pay the full price, you can offer a lower price than you feel is reasonable. Most of the time, your offer will be accepted.

• Dollar Stores: These stores have been around for over 25 years and are still thriving today. The thing that’s the biggest draw to these stores is that you can find just about anything in them and all for only one dollar each. There are also several items that are paired so that you get two for a dollar. Either way, when you spend ten to twenty dollars in a true dollar store, you’ll leave with bags full of things. You actually FEEL as if you’ve bought things and got your money’s worth.

Dollar stores sell different types of books, arts and crafts items, and writing supplies that you can use for your children’s homeschooling. Once you start browsing around in one of these stores, you’ll be amazed at all of the homeschooling supplies and materials you can find for just a dollar each.


• Online Auction Sites: Websites such as eBay sell many homeschooling materials. Many times you can get full sets of homeschooling books if you’re shopping at the right time of the year. When parents buy a full program from a homeschool, many times they can’t use them after that year is over. So, rather than just throwing them out, they’ll put them up for sale at a very affordable buy it now price or you can bid on them.

Those are the perfect ways to start out your homeschooling venture for very little out-of-pocket expense. As you go along, it’s easy to find other ways to add to your teaching curriculum. Your imagination will kick in and you’ll learn to use everyday things to help teach your kids. A big part of the fun involved in homeschooling is looking around your environment and picking out things that you can use to teach your children about life and school subjects

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