How The Cooking Class Works

Hello and welcome to our cooking course!

We are pleased to have you as one of our students. Before you get started with your course, I would like to explain a few things to you…

  • To start the course, you will have to read this letter and then you can proceed
  • Each module/lesson have been put on timers. Our timers are between 30 seconds to 10 minutes long. This means that you WON\’T be able to skip any lesson until the timer has run out
  • We have done this to prevent our students from rushing through the content
  • Once you have completed the course, you will be able to download your certificate in the dashboard section
  • If you decide to register for our other courses, they will display in your dashboard
  • The cooking course will take you an hour to complete
  • Don\’t forget once you have finished your course, you can head on over to the \”downloads\” section to download your additional goodies

All the best and I hope you enjoy!
That Sassy Life Coach

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