How you can create confident people

  • Encourage your child to share their opinion
  • Engage in our famous mantra “Back yourself”. Mantra’s have proven to be affective with people of all ages. Backing yourself is believing in your ability to carry out a specific task , knowing you can do it but knowing that should failure prevail, you get back up and back yourself again
  • Teach your child appreciation for the things he or she has: food, shelter, family and friends, good health. This will help them see the world in a new and positive way and teaches them appreciation for things that truly matter rather than for the appreciation of materialistic objects
  • Create an independent child. Teach your child and provide them with the necessary life skills they need to become a young, independent child.
  • Encourage your child to make friends
  • As a parent, you need to actively arrange playdates for your child to ensure and promote social interaction and stimulation
  • Praise your child when he or she completes a task
  • Thank your child for good behaviour. This makes them feel seen and important
  • Reward your child for achievements (chocolate, a movie, a new ball, a new barbie)
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