Life Coach Areas

Life Coach Areas

There is more to being a Life Coach than what meets the eye and the areas in which a Life Coach can work on, is divided into many different areas. These can be seen in the graph below and are equally as important as each other.

Let’s now take a closer look and discuss how these various areas play an important role in our day-to-day lives and how a Life Coach can assist in those areas.

Confidence and self esteem

  • What makes us feel good about ourselves:
  • Your physical appearance?
  • Your laugh?
  • Your bubbly personality or the fact that you are a giving person?
  • Making sure that our room for self-doubt is minimal

How to achieve this:

  • By focusing on what life has given you rather than what it hasn’t
  • By always “backing yourself”

I always tell my children and older clients to always, always “Back themselves”. To back yourself is to believe in your ability to achieve something, regardless of whether or not you have had experience in a situation or task. You’ve got this and you need to believe that you do.

  • To be able to speak confidently in front of an audience

How to achieve this:

  • By going to many, many interviews. This helps build confidence with a person on-on-one. Remember, no one could run before they could crawl. Not even you. So before
  • By adjusting your body language: Stand in front of a mirror and practise standing tall and confidently. This shows people and the children you are looking after, that you are serious about yourself. If you can’t take yourself seriously, how are others meant to?


  • Be able to identify whether or not a job is right for you
  • Having the confidence to find a better job
  • Perform better in your career
  • Help you earn a promotion by adjusting your causes and eliminating the obstacles
  • Start your own business and how to remain independent

Relationships with our friends and family

  • How to be a better listener

How to achieve this:

  • By not interrupting others
  • By always recognising that your feelings aren\’t more important than the person you are engaging with. When you enter into this mind-set, your rational thinking has been put to one side and your judgement and the way in which you understand the other person’s message, which can result in conflict

Be able to work through problems in your relationship

  • Help you through the tough times
    • By always speaking up. Let your voice be heard
    • Confide in someone you love and trust but try and avoid keeping things bottled up. This can cause you to lash out at someone out of nowhere even if they haven\’t done anything wrong, you could have just had a bad day
    • Start writing your thoughts down in a diary. This is helpful as you are able to look back afterwards and visually see what your emotional and mental state has been for the day. Thereafter, you can access the situation and decide how to improve it should you not be happy with what you reread. It’s also a great venting platform so to avoid taking your feelings out on someone else


  • Can assist you in how to communicate with someone effectively and efficiently
  • How to engage with strangers
  • How to get your point across in a productive and smart way

Health and fitness:

  • How to improve your health
  • How to reduce stress
  • How to follow a healthy eating plan
  • How to commit to an exercise plan

Personal development

  • How to set firm goals
  • How to work out what you want out of life
  • How to have more fun
  • How to have energy and to always be ready for more of what life has to offer

Finances and wealth:

  • How to earn more money
  • How to save money
  • How to work out budgets and be able to stick to them

Getting what you want in life:

  • How to get rid of barriers and negative thinking
  • How to manage time better
  • How to discover your domain of happiness
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