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Welcome to The Au Pair Club, a unique platform where Au Pair Agencies can broaden their reach and connect with a vast network of qualified au pairs. Our service is designed to complement your agency by providing additional visibility and access to a wider pool of potential matches for your clients.

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Partner with Us: A Dedicated Profile for Au Pair Agencies

1. Create Your Agency Profile

Begin by creating a profile for your Au Pair Agency with a one-time registration fee. This profile is your agency’s gateway to our community, allowing you to showcase your services, expertise, and unique value proposition to a targeted audience actively seeking childcare solutions.

The following are our registration fees based on your location:

After registration, a monthly subscription of R800/£69 or $79 grants you unlimited access to our comprehensive au pair community and job board. This subscription is your ongoing pass to connect with countless candidates, view resumes, and utilise our messaging functionality for direct communication. But of course, you can cancel at any time!

Subscription Benefits:

2: Access Our Database

Upon registration, you’ll gain access to our database without limitations. This includes detailed profiles, resumes, and direct contact information, enabling your Au Pair Agency to find the perfect matches for your clients more efficiently than ever before.

Say goodbye to posting on Social Media!

3: Post Jobs & Manage Applications

Post as many jobs as you need to fulfil your clients’ requests. Our job board features an application hub, centralising all applications in one place for easy management. With our ‘apply now’ functionality, candidates can instantly submit their resumes to you, streamlining the application process and keeping your email inbox less cluttered. Our platform is designed to keep your job search focused and efficient.

Our Community:

As part of your subscription you’ll be able to join our community where families and childcare professionals share advice, experiences, and insights. It’s not just about finding childcare; it’s about becoming part of a supportive network. This unique aspect of The Au Pair Club ensures that you’re never alone in your journey.

Keeping Your Subscription Active:

Maintaining your active profile on The Au Pair Club ensures continuous access to our job board and community. It’s an investment in your agency’s growth and the quality of service you can provide to families and au pairs alike.

At The Au Pair Club, we’re committed to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits all participants in the childcare arrangement process. By partnering with us, your agency can leverage our platform to enhance its service offerings, streamline the placement process, and achieve greater satisfaction for both your clients and the au pairs you represent.

You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription whenever you choose. However, please be aware that doing so will result in the loss of your account data, and if you decide to rejoin us in the future, the registration fee will need to be paid once more.

Register today and take the first step towards expanding your agency’s reach and impact.

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