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Au Pair Salaries

The Au Pair Club sets salary recommendations based on market research and considers the financial needs of the au pair.

Please note that the salaries listed below are ‘Take Home’ amounts. While we facilitate matches between au pairs and families and provide salary guidelines, we are not the employers.

Monthly Salaries for Au Pairs – 2024:

Based on R105 per hour:

  • 8 hours Monday – Friday: R18,100
  • 7 hours Monday – Friday: R15,800
  • 6.5 hours Monday – Friday: R14,700
  • 6 hours Monday – Friday: R13,500
  • 5.5 hours Monday – Friday: R12,500
  • 5 hours Monday – Friday: R11,300

Based on R108 per hour:

  • 4.5 hours Monday – Friday: R10,500
  • 4 hours Monday – Friday: R9,300
  • 3.5 hours Monday – Friday: R8,150

Based on R118 per hour:

  • 3 hours Monday – Friday: R7,600
  • 2.5 hours Monday – Friday: R6,350

For au pairs working 2 hours or less per day (10 hours or less per week), salaries are calculated at R120 per hour:

  • 2 hours Monday – Friday: R5,200

Daily Rates for Au Pairs:

  • Monday – Friday: R120 per hour
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: R125 per hour
  • Stayover: R300 per night

Other Services:

  • Driving only (less than an hour): R240
  • Tutors: R300 per hour
  • Facilitators: R180 per hour
  • Night Nurse: R770 per night

Additional Pay during School Holidays:

  • 3 – 4 extra hours per day: R1,265 – R1,685
  • 5 – 6 extra hours per day: R1,925 – R2,310

Special Circumstances:

  • Extra hours during school holidays, early school exams, and availability for early collection or care of sick children at home: R4,000

This information is intended to guide families and au pairs in establishing fair and reasonable compensation.

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