Print and Play Editable Board Game


Have you always wanted to create and print your own board game?

Well, then you have come to the right place! Download and create your own board game. Keep the children busy and constantly learning with this awesome board game

Game Instructions: 

  • This board game comes in a PDF format
  • The PDF is interactive
  • It allows the user/game player to type in the blank spaces and create their own game
  • Open the document
  • Type in whatever words or numbers you want
  • View the pictures for examples

Create a Maths game:

Is your child struggling with maths? No problem. Add numbers into the place holders to create the perfect game.

Create a Language Game:

Had enough? Want to change it up and swap to English or Afrkaans? No problem. It is a matter of backspace, delete and retype whatever you want in the tiles! Done? Cool… simply print and play

Done with maths and onto English? Throw some adjectives and nouns onto the tiles and play away!

Age Group:

Perfect for ages 5+


This game is ideally purchased by Parents, Teachers, Home School Teachers, and Au Pairs.

This activity is adaptable and can be changed to suit whatever curriculum you are working through


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