teaching english online

How to Teach English Online

Teaching English Online to Children: A Comprehensive Guide for Au Pairs, Tutors, and Nannies In today’s educational evolution, digital teaching isn’t merely an alternative but often the primary channel of imparting knowledge. For au pairs, nannies, and tutors, teaching English online promises vast opportunities. This detailed guide will delve into the nuances of online pedagogy […]

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Tips for your interview

Preparing for the Interview Before attending an interview, it’s crucial to make thorough preparations. Here are some key steps to follow: Research the company: Familiarise yourself with the company’s strategies, ethics, products, and services. This demonstrates your interest and preparedness. Update your CV: Ensure that your curriculum vitae includes all relevant work experience and skills.

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Online Au Pair Training: Know What to Look Out For

Stand Out with Online Au Pair Training: Tips to Make the Right Choice At The Au Pair Club, we understand the importance of setting yourself apart in the competitive world of au pairing, nannying, and childminding which is why we have put together this blog post to help you make a safe and informed decision.

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homework methods

Teaching and Homework Methods

Enhancing Learning: Effective Teaching and Homework Methods As educators and parents, our primary goal is to help children develop a love for learning while ensuring they gain valuable knowledge and skills. To achieve this, it’s essential to adopt effective teaching and homework methods that cater to different learning styles and promote active engagement. In this

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Difference between Au Pairs, Tutors and Governesses

Understanding Childcare Positions: Au Pairs, Governesses, Tutors, and Nannies As you embark on your journey in the childcare field, it’s crucial to understand the different roles and responsibilities that come with each position. Let’s explore the differences between Au Pairs, Governesses, Tutors, and Nannies, along with the pros and cons of each role. What is

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