The Importance of Paying School Fees

Children are entitled to a secure and stable education

Every child, irrespective of their age, race, or gender, is legally granted the right to education, as detailed in the Children’s Act which explicitly delineates children’s rights.

What does it take to enrol a child in a school?

Schools usually require the following documents for enrolment:

  • A verified copy of the ID of both parents โ€“ in case only one parent is the account holder, their ID suffices
  • The unabridged birth certificate of the child
  • Your child’s manuscript
  • Your child’s transfer card
  • A letter of good standing indicating your school fee account is current
  • Proof of residence

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The Sad Reality of Violation of Children’s Rights

Unfortunately, there are instances where children’s rights have been violated, and their educational journey abruptly halted. Factors such as parents defaulting on school fees due to financial irresponsibility or affordability issues, can leave children socially, physically, and mentally underdeveloped, wandering through the system aimlessly.

The Importance of Paying School Fees

Paying school fees is essential for various reasons, including:

  • Maintaining a healthy credit score
  • Avoiding damage to your reputation
  • Preventing potential harm to your relationship with your child

The Consequences of Not Paying School Fees

When you enrol your child in a school, whether it’s government-run or private, you, as a parent or guardian, are obliged to enter into a 12-month legally binding contract with the school. Schools offer flexible payment plans: monthly, termly, or annually, making it easier to fulfil your financial obligations.

Failure to pay your school fees can have serious consequences, including:

  • Incurring interest on your school fee account
  • Damaging your reputation
  • Jeopardising your child’s position at the school
  • The necessity of entering into payment agreements

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The Role of Payment Agreements

A payment agreement, which acknowledges the outstanding debt and outlines fair payment terms, is usually put in place on a monthly basis to expedite the recovery of overdue fees.

The Escalating Consequences of Continual Default on School Fees

Should you continuously default on school fees, the consequences escalate. Your school fee account will accrue interest, and after three months of non-payment, both parents will receive a letter of demand and a formal warning. Continual non-compliance can lead to your child’s position at the school being at risk.

The Consequences of Dishonoured Payment Agreements

If payment agreements are repeatedly dishonoured, the school will issue a final letter of demand after three months of non-receipt of funds. The letter will detail the outstanding amount and the required action, usually immediate payment, and will indicate that you have 10 business days to settle your outstanding account. Otherwise, your child’s enrolment will be terminated immediately.

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The Available Options in Case of Unpaid School Fees

At this stage, you have two options: settle the outstanding amount within the given timeframe, allowing your child to continue their education, or find a more affordable school.

Parents who can afford schooling need to ensure stability, safety, and education for their children

Their right to develop socially, mentally, and physically should not be compromised due to unsound financial decisions or unforeseen financial circumstances.


The Consequences of a Child’s Expulsion from School

A child’s expulsion from school can lead to social isolation, resentment, and a severe disruption to their educational journey. It may also impede their enrolment in another school if the previous school’s payments have not been met. To enrol your child in a new school, you need to provide a transfer card and a letter of good standing.

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The Problems Children Can Encounter When Not Attending School

Children not attending school due to financial issues can encounter several problems. Their routine and structure are disrupted, potentially leading to unusual behaviour and other issues.

Thinking About Homeschooling?

If school fees are unaffordable and homeschooling is an option, we encourage you to first take our Online Homeschooling Course.

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