Why You Should Get Your Child a Pet

Reasons you should consider getting your children a pet

There are many many benefits that children gain from owning a pet animal! It’s easy for children to get wrapped up in the idea of owning a new animal, but it’s up to their parents to make sure that the experience outweighs the expense.

Children who grow up around pets are at less risk of developing common allergies and asthma. Playing with dogs may help lower blood pressure and the feeding for and caring of animals teaches children responsibility. Children with pets display improved impulse control, social skills and self-esteem.

Did you know?

Children who have pet animals are less worried and anxious because there is always someone at home who can’t wait to see them.

A Pet helps a child with Empathy:

Children will learn about empathy from animals. What pain looks like, when and how to help them etc.

A Pet assists your child in engaging in Physical Exercise:

Having a pet, especially a dog, provides children with outdoor stimulation. Running around with your best fury friend, spending hours throwing and catching balls, swimming in the pool and going for long walks in the park are what it’s all about. Getting a pet dog will get your child out more and spending less time behind cellphone and TV screens.


Who wouldn’t want someone in the house who adores you no matter what and comes running every time you come home? This unconditional love, excitement and support from your pet will boost your child’s confidence tremendously.


Believe it or not, it’s possible that your child’s immune system will strengthen if you have a pet by reducing their risk to allergies, according to Medical Daily. It has been said that having ownership of an animal can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.


Having any type of pet will teach your child that where there is life, there is death and that death is a natural part of life. Death is an important concept to grasp and should be understood from a young age.

Best Friends:

Does your child struggle to make friends or suffer from bullying? A dog is a fantastic way to give your little one a friend for life

Animals bring Family together:

Nowadays with our busy schedules, it difficult to set time aside to spend together as a family. But having a pet can actually bring parents and children closer by coming together to care for their four-legged family member

Consider the costs of an animal

Animals are like children. They fall, scrape themselves, break bones and even sometimes get sick which is why you need to consider all the financial costs before hand:

Vet Bills: every animal will visit the vet at least once in their life for an unforeseen medical emergency. Remember in the early days of your animals life, they are more likely to hurt themselves as they are still learning about sharp objects, where to walk and where not to and what danger looks like.

Pet Insurance: if you have a pet, you’re going to want to get pet insurance but do your research first! Pet food: Be sure you can afford to buy your animal (s) nutritious food and ensure you can feed them twice a day (breakfast and dinner)

Animal toys: you will need to purchase things like balls, scratch pads, toy mice, chew toys etc to keep your pet entertained

Animal sitter/ Kennel costs: if you go on holiday, you need to factor in the cost of hiring sometime to stay at your house to look after your animals whilst you are away or you need to look into the costs of kennels. You pet cannot stay home alone and you cannot just fill their bowl up with lots of food and hope for the best.

If you are getting a pet for your child, enjoy it. It is going to make them and you very, very happy. Find out how to balance your life between kids, animals, work and studies.

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