Au Pair Courses near me

Au Pair Courses Near Me

The Evolution of Au Pair Training

In an age dominated by digital transformation, many traditional practices are undergoing significant change. Au pair training is no exception.

Gone are the days when in-person sessions were the only way to gain knowledge and skills in this field. Now, au pairs are looking for ‘au pair courses near me’. Why? Because staying ahead of the curve means embracing online training.


The Cost of Training In Person

Whilst traditional in-person au pair training has its merits, it often comes with a hefty price tag. The costs aren’t just about the course fees. Consider the added expenses for travel, meals, and other associated expenditures. Factor in the convenience and the potential for saving time, and it’s clear why many are turning to online alternatives.


Stay Updated: Who Offers Au Pair Training Worldwide?

If you’re considering au pair training, it’s vital to research the various institutions and what they offer.

Think about:

  • Price: Does it offer value for money?
  • Course Duration: How long will it take to complete?
  • Location: Is it easily accessible?
  • Benefits: What additional perks or resources are provided?
  • Support: Is there a dedicated team to help you through your journey?

Au Pair Agencies Offering Training

Many agencies around the world offer au pair training as part of their services.

Some prominent ones include:

  • The Au Pair Club
  • Edubabe
  • Domestic Angels
  • Cultural Care
  • Nannies in Training
  • Chilton
  • First Class Domestic
  • Damelin
  • Carla’s Au Pairs
  • Au Pair World (International)
  • Au Pair Care (International)

Whilst these agencies have contributed significantly to the development of au pairs, many of them primarily focus on au pair training alone.


Placement for Au Pairs and Nannies

Identifying the right au pair agency can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve associated with a host of credible Au Pair Agencies, all vetted by The Au Pair Club. These affiliated agencies have earned positive feedback, are known for their excellent customer service, and have a reputation for reliability.

Collaborating with these dependable agencies enables us to provide our students with automatic interview opportunities, given they can validate their certification and skills.

The following Au Pair Agencies can help you with your placement:

  • Jozi Cares
  • VIP Nannies and Au Pairs
  • Prestigious Prep Tutors and Au Pairs

All our partnered Agencies commit to conduct themselves professionally and empathetically, assisting Women and Men aged 18 or above with placement.


What Sets The Au Pair Club Apart?

Here at The Au Pair Club, we believe in offering a holistic approach to training. Recognising that the modern au pair and nanny roles have evolved, we’ve created a suite of courses that cater to the demands of today’s childcare professionals.

Aside from our top-tier Online Au Pair Training Course, we provide a variety of courses to ensure every childcare professional can be the best version of themselves:

  • Online Toddler Course: For those special years filled with exploration and wonder.
  • Online Cooking Course: Because every meal can be a learning experience.
  • Online Tutor Course: To support academic growth beyond school hours.
  • Online Homeschooling Course: For a solid foundation in modern homeschooling techniques.
  • Online Emergency Course: Preparing you for any situation with calm and competence.

Introducing the Au Pair Starter Pack 🌟

Unlock a world of expertise with our Au Pair Starter Pack.

Our exclusive bundle gives you:

  • Access to all six of our top-rated online courses at a staggering 50% OFF.
  • Increase your earning potential and the ability to secure premium job positions.
  • Walk away with a CV that shines bright, catching the attention of au pair agencies.


Choose The Au Pair Club for a holistic, forward-thinking approach to your professional growth. Because when you invest in diverse skills, you’re not just building a career; you’re shaping the future. 💼🌠✨

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