Au Pair Petrol Rates

As an au pair, one of your responsibilities is to transport children to various events, appointments, and extracurricular activities using your own vehicle and au pair petrol. In return, it is crucial to be reimbursed for the distance you travel with the children. The reimbursement rate per kilometer can be determined based on the AA (Automobile Association) guidelines and should be provided in addition to your monthly salary.

How to Claim Your Au Pair Petrol Reimbursement

It is important to note that you are responsible for the petrol used to commute to the first point of your day, such as the school or the family’s home. From there, we recommend keeping an au pair petrol logbook to track the kilometres traveled with the children. This practice helps avoid any disagreements or conflicts regarding reimbursement at the end of the month.

In cases where the family provides you with a car to use during working hours, there is no need for au pair petrol reimbursement. Similarly, if you hold a job title such as tutor, coach, or homeschool teacher that does not require driving around for the family like an au pair does, petrol reimbursement is not applicable.

Au Pair Petrol Reimbursement Rate per Kilometre

According to industry standards, it is reasonable to request reimbursement for au pair petrol used while transporting the children at a rate between R3.00 and R8.00 per kilometre traveled.

South Africans can calculate their rates using the provided link: Calculate Your Rates here or read our FULL Au Pair petrol guide to know more about the process.

If you encounter difficulties with getting reimbursed for your au pair petrol, we recommend consulting our various advice columns or considering our Au Pair Training course which covers conflict management and provides comprehensive education on the topic and more.

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