No one can ignore the fact that this year has been challenging. We’ve been distanced from our loved ones, stayed within the boundaries of our homes, and juggled innumerable virtual meetings.

Yet, the festive season is here now, and it’s time to unwind, take it easy, and try to make the most of this unique period still governed by Covid19.

Safe Christmas Activities in the Midst of a Pandemic

That’s why we, at That Sassy Life Coach, decided to come up with a Covid-secure, family-friendly Christmas activity checklist. It aims to keep everyone cheerful and secure during this festive season!

Family-friendly Christmas Activities

Given the situation, we’re all set to spend a lot of time indoors this Christmas. So, here are some enjoyable activities you can indulge in:

  1. Craft Festive Cookies

Baking cookies over Christmas is an excellent daytime pursuit. Not only does it fill your house with a heavenly aroma, but it’s also a fantastic way to connect with your children or significant other. Be prepared with some whimsical cookie cutters, delicious frostings, and embellishments.

  1. Schedule a Virtual Santa Visit

Meeting Santa can be an enchanting experience for children. Though an in-person visit might not be feasible this year, they can still interact with him over a video call. You can find Santa Apps in the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Embellish the Home and the Christmas Tree

Considering we’ll be home-bound this festive season, why not turn your place into a dreamy winter wonderland? Spend an evening deciding on a theme and setting a budget, then pick a date to bring the magic to life!

  1. Craft a Festive Face Mask

Let’s combine safety with festive fun. Shop for quirky Christmas-themed fabric and start sewing your unique masks. To make it more exciting, host a competition for the most inventive Christmas face mask, with a budget-friendly prize for the winner.

  1. Create Unique Christmas Ornaments

This holiday season is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, so why not create a keepsake to remember it by? Make distinctive Christmas ornaments, and don’t forget to inscribe the date at the back!

  1. Host a Christmas Concert

You don’t need a musical background to enjoy a Christmas karaoke session. Raise the bar by investing in a karaoke setup, or simply grab a hairbrush as your microphone and sing along to lyrics on Youtube!

  1. Christmas Movie Marathon

Create a cosy home cinema experience with a Christmas movie marathon. Prepare popcorn, hot chocolate, and gather everyone in their PJs to watch classic Christmas films back-to-back.

Remember, the spirit of Christmas is all about warmth, togetherness, and making the most of what we have. So, let’s spread some joy and make this festive season memorable.

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