Summer Au Pair Positions

Summer brings a special buzz for Au Pairs and Childminders. It’s a season filled with sunny skies, refreshing swims, and unforgettable moments bonding over picnics and bike rides in the park. Gone are the days of huddling indoors by the heater – now it’s all about outdoor adventures and fun in the sun!

Thriving in the Summer Heat

Summer isn’t just about the sunshine and blue skies. With the season comes higher temperatures and humidity, and occasionally, a refreshing rain shower. On those sweltering days, children often yearn for a splash in the pool, and that’s where you, as an Au Pair or Nanny, play a crucial role.

Safety First: Pool Time with Children

Whether it’s fun swims, stroke practice, or a cool dip, your vigilant supervision ensures the children’s safety, preventing accidents or injuries. Summer is an excellent opportunity to bond with your host family, but it’s also a time to be extra cautious. Equip yourself with essential safety skills, particularly First Aid.

Special Considerations for Swimming with Babies

For those aspiring to work with infants and toddlers under two years old, we strongly recommend our specialised Online Infant, Baby, and Toddler Course, alongside our comprehensive First Aid Course. These courses are accessible 24/7, fitting easily into your schedule, whether you’re on holiday or balancing other commitments.

What You Gain from Our Courses

Upon completion, you’ll earn a First Aid certificate and gain vital skills to handle emergencies like swimming accidents, accidental poisoning, fractures, sprains, and much more.

Self-Assessment and COVID-19 Safety

Haven’t checked out our article on qualifications yet? It’s a must-read where we pose four critical questions to assess your readiness. And if you’re concerned about COVID-19, our Online Course is a perfect solution. It’s home-based, contact-free, and available for immediate start.

Additional Resources for Aspiring Au Pairs:

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