Au Pair Agency Interviews During COVID19

As we are all aware, on the 23rd of March 2020, the President of South Africa, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, addressed the nation and announced a National Shutdown for a duration of three weeks starting from the 25th of March 2020 at 00:00. This decision, made by the President, aims to implement strict measures to limit the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of all citizens.

During this challenging time, many individuals, including au pairs, nannies, and tutors, were planning to attend face-to-face interviews with various au pair agencies to secure employment. However, due to the current circumstances and the restrictions imposed, it is crucial to adapt and take necessary precautions to protect ourselves and others.

Au Pair Agencies and Safety Measures:

Understanding the importance of safety, at That Sassy Life Coach, we strongly urge au pair agencies to prioritise the health and well-being of candidates and interviewers. We recommend conducting interviews using online platforms such as Skype or video calls via Google Meet to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to and minimise the risk of exposure to the virus.

To further safeguard yourself during interviews, we advise following these safety measures:

  • Wear a mask throughout the interview process.
  • Carry hand sanitiser and use it regularly.
  • Minimise physical contact and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.
  • Bring your own pen to fill out application forms.
  • Consider using your personal notebook or devices for taking notes.
  • Carry your own water or beverage to avoid sharing.

Automatic Interviews and Online Courses:

To support au pair candidates and expedite the hiring process during these challenging times, That Sassy Life Coach has partnered with reputable au pair agencies across South Africa. By completing one of our online courses, you will qualify for automatic and preferential interviews, increasing your chances of securing employment swiftly.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • To become an au pair, you must be 18 years or older.
  • Our online courses are open to individuals who are 18 years or older.
  • You need to meet the specific requirements set by the au pair agencies.

Our Solution:

At That Sassy Life Coach, we understand the difficulties faced by individuals seeking employment as au pairs, nannies, or tutors during this challenging period.

We are committed to providing solutions and support to overcome these obstacles:

  • We offer opportunities for individuals to join our team and expand their income potential as a Referral Agent.
  • All meetings and interactions will be conducted online, ensuring safety and compliance with social distancing guidelines.
  • Work can be efficiently carried out remotely from the comfort of your own home.
  • Alternatively, our online childcare courses are available to enhance your skills and employability.

We also provide valuable information on various topics related to au pairs and childcare, including au pair petrol rates, au pair salaries, qualifications, hidden costs in au pair training, conducting your own checks on an au pair agency, and the benefits of au pair training.

At That Sassy Life Coach, we are dedicated to supporting individuals in their childcare journeys, empowering them with knowledge, and ensuring a safe and rewarding experience for both au pairs and families.

Enrol in our online courses today and embark on a fulfilling career as an au pair!

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