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Au Pair Requirements

General Requirements

Families have specific expectations and requirements, which are crucial for the candidates we present.

Here are the essential criteria for all our positions:

  • Vehicle: Must own a roadworthy car with functioning seat belts in the back. This will be verified.
  • Driver’s License: Must possess a valid driver’s license. This will be verified.
  • Criminal Record: Must have no criminal record. This will be verified.
  • Age: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Education: Must have completed Matric or A-Levels. This will be verified.

Additional Requirements for Many Positions

In addition to the above, many of our positions also require:

  • Experience: At least 1 year of experience working with children; experience gained by working for friends or family does not qualify.
  • References: Must provide contactable references; references from friends or family do not qualify.
  • Language: Must speak English or Afrikaans as a first language.

Frequently Asked Questions About Au Pair Requirements:

  • Experience in Child Care: While we occasionally place candidates without childcare experience, this is rare.
  • Age of Candidates: We place candidates of all ages, but it is less common for us to place candidates over the age of 50.
  • Gender: We place both male and female candidates, although most families prefer female candidates.
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